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* Weddingdate
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Wedding style
1 2 3 4 5
 1. Beach wedding 2. Boat wedding (max. 50 persons) 3. chapel wedding (closed chapel) with Sea View 3. chapel wedding (open chapel) at the sea 4. Church Wedding 5. Historical wedding in a ruin (The bride can be delivered either by donkeys)

Beachwedding (Please select only if you want a beach wedding)
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
 Beachwedding 1 Beachwedding 2 Beachwedding 3 Beachwedding 4 Beachwedding 5 Beachwedding 6 Beachwedding 7 Beachwedding 8

* Number of wedding guests incl. wedding couple   

* Bride    Yes No
Bride    with trial without trial
Child    Age
Child    Age
Child    Age
Additional persons who wish to have their hair styled   
Please upload Photo desire hairstyle of the bride   

* Make-Up    Yes No
Bride    with trial without trial
Additional persons who wish to have
professional make-up   
Please send us a photo of the make-up for the bride   
Please send us a portrait of the bride;  

* Bridal Bouquet    Yes No
* Flowers for the groom    Yes No
* Wedding Location Decoration    Yes No
* Table decoration    Yes No
Flower girl basket with petals (number of baskets)   
Select some flowers
April:    Orchid Carnations Buttercups Peony Freesia Iris Tulips Calla Lily
Mai:    Rose Gerbera Daisy Peony
June:    Orchid Peony Roses Gerbera Carnation Lily
July:    Gerbera Agaphantus Anthurium Sunflower Astromelia Lily Curcuma
August:    Gerbera Agaphantus Anthurium Sunflower Broom Astromelia Lily Curcuma
September:    Orchid Gerbera Roses
October:    Orchid Tuberose Parrot Tulip
Flower color:
1 2
Only for Beachwedding:    1. flowers columnar 2. flower bow
Please send us a photo of your desired Bride Bouquet:  

Ring Pillow
1 2 3 4
* Ring Pillow    Yes No
We like the example No.

Sand Ceremony
* Sand Ceremony    Yes No

Candle ceremony
* Candle ceremony    Yes No

After the ceremony
* Rice to throw for guests    Yes No
* Bubble containers for guests    Yes No
* Bubble machine    Yes No

 Band proposal for the ceremony Band proposal for the dinner DJ proposal for the Party

 Fire Balloons Waterlanterns Air balloons with Personalized Card Fireworkvolcane

Wedding dinner
 starter, 1st cours (pasta or rice), 2nd course (fish or meat)

Wedding Cake (see Wedding Cake)
* Wedding Cake    Yes No
We like the example No.
Please upload a Photo of the desired wedding cake:  

Photographer (see Photos)
 Photoservice 1 (PhotoStory on CD.) 4-hour photo service (preparation bride, ceremony, relatives, bride and groom) Photoservice 2 (Photos on CD) 10-hour photo service Everything (bride and groom preparation, ceremony, party, cake, relatives, bride and groom) Photo Book base 80 pages Exclusive Photo Book 80 pages 2 small photo book basis for the parents

* Full Day (Video on DVD with menu)    Yes No

Video with drone
* Full Day (Video on DVD with menu)    Yes No

Wedding Invitations (Check out the examples)
* Wedding invitations    Yes No
Square 148x148mm we like Example No.
 Please contact us for the wedding invitations because we want something special.

Wedding Website
* Wedding Website    Yes No

Seating Panel (Check out the examples)
* Seating Panel    Yes No
We like the example No.

* Hotel Booking for weddingcouple    Yes No
* Hotel booking for guests    Yes No

Small souvenir for the wedding guests (Check out the examples)
* Wedding souvenirs    Yes No
We are interested in:
 honey of Elba olive oil of Elba keychain made of Plexiglas (in your desired shape) Umbrellas Pen Fan
other Idea

Wedding almonds
* Wedding almonds    Yes No